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Where should you go for culture and trips? The Orea Hotel Atrium is, thanks to its advantageous location on the border of Valašsko, Slovácko and Haná, an ideal starting point. For your convenience we have prepared a few tips on what to do in the 50 km around the hotel during your stay.nbsp;



Baťův kanál (Baťa Canal)

Baťa Canal (Baťův kanál) is a navigable canal located 52 km downstream of the Morava river connecting Otrokovice with the town of Rohatec. The canal was built during the 1930S and today it serves mainly for recreational cruises. Almost the entire waterway including 13 locks has been restored.



Zlín is a county town located in the east of Moravia, attracting visitors with its unique Baťa architecture. At the end of the 19th century the ingenious entrepreneur Tomáš Baťa who together with the architects who designed his famous shoe factory and other modern functionalist buildings, helped to determine the character of the town of Zlín. We recommend to visit Building No. 21


ZOO Lešná

Lešná Zoo was founded in 1929 and 1930 by the earl and estate owner- J Seilern. It covers approximately 42 hectares and has about 220 species of animals, among them many rare species. The division of the zoo grounds are unique due to the specific demands of its geographical issues.  



Kroměříž, also called "Haná's Athens" not only includes the famous Archbishop's Palace, but also its unique garden: the English style Chateau garden and the French style Flower garden. Since 1999, it has been a UNESCO World Heritage site. Other unique places in Kroměříž include the Archbishop's palace and wine cellars, where visitors can sample the best sacramental wines.


Velehrad is the most important pilgrimage site in Moravia, closely connected to the Cyrillo-Methodian tradition. The place is dominated by the Basilica of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary and St. Cyril and Methodius. The catacombs are situated at the Lapidárium. In 1990 Pope John Paul II celebrated Mass here. Velehrad is 25 km from Otrokovice. We recommend to visit Archeoskanzen Modrá

Svatý Hostýn

Svatý Hostýn (Saint Hostýn) is a sacred hill in Moravia, Czech Republic attracting not only the Catholic pilgrims but also thousands of tourists every year; the most visited pilgrimage site in Moravia. A legend describes a miracle by the Virgin Mary and so is considered to be sacred and is also after Velehrad perhaps the most memorable. One of the most stunning parts of the whole Hostýn complex are the beautiful mosaics called Stations of the Cross built by the architect Dušan Jurkovič in 1903. Svatý Hostýn is less than 40 km from Otrokovice. 


Luhačovice is in season a lively spa town with great cultural life in the Zlín Region, Moravia, Czech Republic occupying a picturesque valley, the spas are considered a unique and invaluable part of the area. Luhačovice‘s Vincentka mineral water is renowned for its use in the treatment of respiratory diseases. 


The baroque chateau in Buchlovice was built at the turn of the 18th century. The chateau is a unique exposition of baroque housing culture. The chateau has a French-style garden and a large English park full of rare conifers and deciduous trees. The park also contains a pavilion with a display of fuchsias. 


Buchlov castle was built in the 13th century protecting the forest on the Chřiby mountains, where it stands. In 1673, Saint Barbara’s Chapel was built on the opposite hill over the tombs of the castle lords. Other owners lost interest in the modernization of the castle and built Buchlovice castle nearby. The last owners established a castle museum featuring natural history and more exotic collections. 


The town of Strážnice is known mainly for its famous folk festivals held there every year. It also has a unique open-air museum of Slovácka folk architecture and the renaissance gatehouses "Veselská" and "Hodonínská". The gatehouses are located near the border with Slovakia and is about 40 km from Otrokovice. 


Vizovice, known as the capital of the "Valašského království (Wallachian Kingdom)", is situated at the foot of the Vizovice hills and is particularly famous for its plum brandy ‘Slivovice’, Vizovice pastries and glassworks. The historic Vizovice castle has a rich collection of paintings by the Dutch masters, and a fine collection of graphic art. The famous Vizovicé Trnkobraní festival is held every year in late August.