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Cross-country skiing near Otrokovice

In case of good snow conditions, Otrokovice and their surroundings become a great place for cross country skiing. The flat terrain around the rivers Morava and Dřevnice, which is lined with bike paths, during the winter season for cross-country skiing is ideal.

Route A (6.5 km)

An example might be a popular route from the bridge at Otrokovice dock along the Morava River to about 6 km away village Kvasice. The starting point is from the hotel about 3 km and is located in a parking lot where you can leave your car.

You can also use the bus line no. 55. Dock is located about 700 meters from the bus stop Společenský dům.


Route B (42 km)

Otrokovice neighborhood also provides opportunities for overcoming challenging routes with a significant difference in altitude. Exactly this is the recently erected ski trail across the mountains Chřiby.It starts again at Otrokovice footbridge (in dock) and its route crosses many tourist attractions, such as Moravanské louky (meadows), parking at Křížek, sandstone rock Kozel, the ruin in Střílky, Buchlov, Brdo, Komínské skály (rocks) and Budačina. End of the route is up at the railway station in Bohuslavice near Kyjov. Chřiby, which descends from the west to Otrokovice, is not as big as Beskydy Mountains, but especially for cross-country skiing has its unique charm thanks to beautiful views, charming nooks and nearby infrastructure.


Route C (16 km)

We also recommend you about 16 km long Stezka zdraví (Trail of health), which leads from the nearby Malenovice on a Tlustá hora (Thick mountain). In trolley-bus stop in front of the shopping center Centro-Zlín (about 3.5 km from our hotel) starting green marked hiking route that leads around the cemetery and extensive gardening settlements and forest upstream river to its source called Svatá voda (Holy water). Green marked route then continues through the woods up to the signpost U boudy where it joins the blue route leading from the castle Malenovice. Green and blue routes then continues along under Tlustá hora (Thick mountain). You can follow the blue route circled the mountain and than take the green one, which allow you to get further towards the film studios and forest cemetery where is buried also Tomas Bata. Green sign then turns left and across the top called Barabáš (410 m) descends along the ski slope in Zlin.